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Why choose 1DataSIM

Freedom and Flexibility

Are you tired of overpaying for your data while traveling?
With 1DataSIM you don’t have to worry about expensive data plans.
Now you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the data plan that’s right for you.
What a relief!

Save Money!

Who doesn’t want to save money these days? Keep your travel expenses in check with our amazing data plans and enjoy the convenience of pay as you go at amazing rates.

Multi-Network SIM

Worried about losing your data connection? Not anymore! With our multi-network SIM, staying connected is no problem.Our SIM will automatically connect to the strongest network in your location.

Works on any device

Need to use your SIM on different devices? No problem. 1DataSIM comes in 3-in-1 format and is compatible with any SIM-enabled device. Simply install your SIM on the device and get connected instantly! Your SIM works with smart phones, tablets, laptops, routers and mobile broadband devices. Restrictions out the door.

Connectivity in 33 European countries, U.S.A. and Canada

Planning a business trip or simply going on holiday? Don’t worry, depending on your chosen data plan, your SIM can be used throughout 33 European countries, U.S.A. and Canada at no extra cost to you, with no data caps, for as long as your data plan is valid for.

4G LTE High Speed

Enjoy 4G high speed internet connection! 4G makes it much quicker to surf the web, video stream, and use social networking sites.

No Data Caps

Now you’re in control of your data when traveling. Use all your data, whenever you want, wherever you want, for the data plan you choose.

Simply Pay As You Go

Convenient. Simple. Worry-free. Who has time for hassle? Simply pay as you go. Refill your data online, anytime..

No hidden fees

Really, there are no hidden fees! Yep, and no fine print either! Pay only for the data plan than you choose.

Top up using a prepaid scratch card

Want to top up using cash? It’s easy! You can purchase a prepaid Top Up Scratch Card and redeem it online. The value of your card is redeemed for the same amount in credits. The credits are saved in your account and you can use them to purchase the data plan that you choose. You can redeem and use as many scratch cards as you want.

Great range of data plans to choose from

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to choose from a wide range of data plans perfect for your travel needs. Choose the plan that you want, when you need it.

Easy to install

It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Insert the SIM card in your device, select the SIM slot for Mobile Data, configure the APN settings, activate data roaming and 4G connection, and you’re good to go!

Amazing data plans to choose from

Find the plan that’s best for you, starting from only €5

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